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August 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If you follow my work you can see that I love to photograph pretty much everything, but newborns are a favorite of mine! Not just because they are cute, but because they are never easy (yep, thats a reason why I LOVE them) I do these sessions in my clients homes where THEY are most comfortable, but I am not! I walk in having no idea what the conditions will be. Will there be light? Will there be good space to work with? Will the parents be comfortable and natural with me around? Will baby sleep for me? If there are siblings, will they cooperate at a time when they have just been hit with a huge change in their lives? I really love working my way through all of these challenges. It puts my skills to the test and results in every session being unique.


Most of the time I get so lucky and end up with families like this one! They have a beautiful home and the love for one another shined through.

Here are some of my favorites! 








Thanks to all the families that trust me with these special moments <3 They go by too quickly to not capture them!  


Don't forget! Print them, enjoy them, share them!




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